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Application for Magnetic Duck

Wanna join us? Here you can find a Sample for your application.

Application for Magnetic Duck

Postby Magnetic Duck » Tue 2. Aug 2016, 10:37

1.Some info about you:
18, male, Portugal.

2.Your contact data:
"Magnetic Duck" everywhere, including Discord and TW.

3.Your previous Teeworlds career:
I've played very intermittently for around 3 years, but don't have a lot of experience in the competitive scene outside a handful of scrims. I have been accepted into this clan before.

4. Maps you like to play often. Do you have a favourite position in CTF2 & 3? Which one?
I'd like to learn everything. Currently my movement is stronger than my aim and damage management.

5. What do you do in your free time besides Teeworlds?
As far as games, I also play http://altitudegame.com and Go (also known as baduk or weiqi).

6. Any special skills besides Teeworlds:
Programming, math.

7. Write something special.
I value http://projects.ict.usc.edu/itw/gel/EricssonDeliberatePracticePR93.pdf.

8. Why are you willing to join this clan?
I'd like to exchange commitment for access to competition.

Thanks for the games.
Magnetic Duck
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by Advertising » Tue 2. Aug 2016, 10:37


Re: Application for Magnetic Duck

Postby Taxor » Wed 3. Aug 2016, 08:11

Nice to see you here ;) GL and HF in your App. and be ACTIVE :)
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Re: Application for Magnetic Duck

Postby opFez » Wed 3. Aug 2016, 12:29

Always great to see new people wanting to join the clan :D I must say, Altitude is a fun game ;) Good luck and have fun during app. time!
You wanna game with headsots?
Then, why are you here?
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Re: Application for Magnetic Duck

Postby XxLolihackerxX » Fri 12. Aug 2016, 10:49


For Ə¥er!
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Re: Application for Magnetic Duck

Postby dRo » Sat 13. Aug 2016, 14:33

good luck my friend
Skateboarding isn’t a sport, it’s a LIFESTYLE !
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