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Application for Shameless Tee

Wanna join us? Here you can find a Sample for your application.

Application for Shameless Tee

Postby Shameless Tee » Mon 15. Aug 2016, 20:03

1.Some info about you:
Name, age, gender, where from etc.

Chris, 25, male, United States. Probably been playing video games longer than some members here have been alive x.x

2.Your contact data:
nick is Shameless Tee on discord.

3.Your previous Teeworlds career:
Your first steps in Teeworlds, previous nicks, mods, maps and clans. Reasons for changing mod and/or leaving your clans.

I found out about Teeworlds in May 2011 through a lan party. I found myself addicted to the game and played a lot. Every time I got utterly decimated by an opponent, I became incensed to improve so that I could beat them. Slowly I found myself matching and overcoming players who used to trash me, and after 5 years I'd say I'm not bad. Not yet at the level I want to be though. I've only really played ctf5 but I'm interested in expanding to more maps. Never been a member of a clan, only ever used Shameless Tee, no other names.

4. Maps you like to play often. Do you have a favourite position in CTF2 & 3? Which one?

I'm always on ctf5 because ctf2/3 games are either full, empty, or kicking me out on attempting to join the game. No preference in position, though on ctf5 I like attacking and chasing the enemy flag carrier.

5. What do you do in your free time besides Teeworlds?

I'm playing games, working out, or just working. See friends when I can. I'm always listening to music, and I like to read before bed. Occasionally watch movies or TV shows.

6. Any special skills besides Teeworlds:

Coding, cooking, a little bit of electronics repair. I'm pretty good at video games in general.

7. Write something special.

I'm a super-spicy food addict, and I drink coffee for the taste.

8. Why are you willing to join this clan?

I was encouraged to join (by Rick if I recall correctly) because I passed an initial challenge (cap one flag against a team on ctf3) and after that, we (the players who challenged me as well as myself) played a few 2v2 games on ctf1 and ctf7. I expressed an interest in improving my skills, and was told that this clan could help me to grow as a player. I feel I've plateaued and now I want to begin the next climb to a higher level of skill. I also hope that I could add something of value to this team through my performance.

Look forward to playing with you all :)
Shameless Tee
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by Advertising » Mon 15. Aug 2016, 20:03


Re: Application for Shameless Tee

Postby opFez » Mon 15. Aug 2016, 20:14

Hello! Nice to see people willing to join this clan :) Good luck and have fun during app. time. (I like reading before bed too ;) )
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Re: Application for Shameless Tee

Postby Taxor » Wed 17. Aug 2016, 12:50

Gl Hf :) right now i see you sometimes ^^ but you dont speak much :P
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Re: Application for Shameless Tee

Postby mike239x » Tue 23. Aug 2016, 00:44

What a nicely written application to read :3
Well, welcome to the forum.
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Re: Application for Shameless Tee

Postby Namastee » Thu 25. Aug 2016, 23:04

I think we've met a couple of times on CTF5. Nice to see your application here. ^^
And I like coding too. ;)
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