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Application formular [READ ME!]

Wanna join us? Here you can find a Sample for your application.

Application formular [READ ME!]

Postby rick » Tue 6. Oct 2015, 08:59

To all applicants:

By writing an application you automatically agree with the conditions of our clan rules, so please take this serious and always keep in mind that we take care about a nice character. The application process will take at most 2 weeks.
Compile this sample to apply correctly and try your best to fill all the field. For any questions we're here to help you ;)

1.Some info about you:
Name, age, gender, where from etc.

2.Your contact data:
Join our Discord server and tell us your nick (use your in game nick please). More info here.

3.Your previous Teeworlds career:
Your first steps in Teeworlds, previous nicks, mods, maps and clans. Reasons for changing mod and/or leaving your clans.

4. Maps you like to play often. Do you have a favourite position in CTF2 & 3? Which one?

5. What do you do in your free time besides Teeworlds?
Social stuff.

6. Any special skills besides Teeworlds:
Coding, designing, progamming etc.

7. Write something special.
Feel free to express yourself :)

8. Why are you willing to join this clan?
People you know, People you played with/against, why do you want to join us etc.

Don't use "OtH" as clantag before you get accepted, use "OtH.a" instead.
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by Advertising » Tue 6. Oct 2015, 08:59


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